This is Volume B to Liv3: The Timid Mouse.

This is the first third of the upcoming 3 album set, Liv3.

The Bearded Bard - Make Believe

The Bearded Bard - Veggie Monster

The Bearded Bard - Denizens, Herding To The Sea (Experimental/IDM)

This is the soundcloud for trap artist Durty McTrapface, signed to Bearded Rizz Records (which I co-own).

100bpm, yay!!

The Bearded Bard - Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont, the Bearded Bard’s debut album on Bearded Rizz Records (which he co-owns), was released on March 7, 2013 via the Bearded Rizz Records website: www.beardedrizzrecords.com The album spans many subgenres of electronic bass music.